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Rapid Development

Rapid Development Model

Do you have e-Learning content that you want to deploy immediately? Not to worry, we have built thousands of hours of e-Learning in months, not years.

Rapid Development Model

Our development model is based on proven Instructional Design, optimized to fit your business needs. We define your product up front, create standards and templates to your specification, then rapidily design and develop your courses.

Our experienced team uses a streamlined process and high-productivity tools to deliver per your timeline. Stakeholders and subject matter experts are involved at key points along the way – at product definition, prototype review, storyboard review, and alpha, beta, and final reviews.

Quality Focus

All of our courses go through a seven-point quality control process. Including the following:

  1. ID (Effective, Efficient, Engaging)
  2. Copy Edits (Text, Headings)
  3. Copy Edits (Graphics, Animations)
  4. Audio (Level, Compression, Style, Pronunciation)
  5. Functionality, Usability
  6. Quiz/Exam Accuracy
  7. Technical Accuracy (SME)

Leverage Existing Material

Let us bring your existing material to life! We will transform your source materials into interactive, effective, engaging e-Learning. We can work with any of the following source material:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Manuals
  • Books
  • PDFs
  • CD-ROMs
  • Web sites
  • Napkins :)

Proven Design , Optimized For You

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