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Military officers

Case Study: US Army

US Army logoNEED: The National Traffic Safety Institute (NTSI), eStudio For Learning, and Agilant Learning combined their expertise to educate US Army personnel about the risks of unsafe driving. In the past five years the US Army has lost 563 soldiers to roadway incidents; enough to fill one Army battalion.

SOLUTION: The program uses real-world cases, images, and video to drive home the point of smart, safe driving. Combined with Instructor-led training, the program has one simple goal: Save the lives of soldiers by reducing POV accidents by 50% in two years.

The program is focused on providing the following results:

  • Describe the ways in which driving and collisions impact others
  • Recognize the leading causes of collisions
  • Assess personal driving style and attitudes about driving
  • List negative characteristics of personal driving style
  • Develop a standard of driving based on personal values
  • Target driving behaviors that are inconsistent with personal standards
  • Identify possible strategies for changing negative behaviors
  • Develop a plan of action for changing negative behaviors


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Our Clients Include:

  • Savvi International
  • National Traffic Safety Institute (NTSI)
  • RG Capital
  • EdgePoint Technology
  • Bryan College
  • Educational Textbook Publishers
  • US Army
  • Various Software Companies
  • Various Universities
  • Private Colleges
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