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Corporate Customers

Corporate Customer

Experience counts! Our corporate experience includes product knowledge, sales training, technology, software, and financial solutions.

Case Study: Savvi International

Savvi InternationalSavvi International, a business solutions company, utilizes a blended approach to learning six sigma, and process management techniques.

NEED: Savvi International needed an online simulation to test students in the six sigma application.

SOLUTION: They turned to Agilant Learning to produce a hands-on simulation that allowed students to develop a virtual plunger device, targeting fewer than 3.4% defects per million plungers produced. By utilizing dynamic graphs and tables, students are able to understand the business impact their choices make, and what they can do to eliminate errors.

See the Simulation in action!

Savvi Demo

Our Clients Include:

  • Savvi International
  • National Traffic Safety Institute (NTSI)
  • RG Capital
  • EdgePoint Technology
  • Bryan College
  • Educational Textbook Publishers
  • US Army
  • Various Software Companies
  • Various Universities
  • Private Colleges
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