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Case Study: Education Textbook Publisher

NEED: An education textbook publisher needed to rapidly create a high quality e-Learning product line. Their objective was to go to market quickly while providing a high-quality product that would include video, multimedia animations, practice exercises, and reference material.

SOLUTION: In order to accomplish their business goals, Agilant Learning responded by implementing its Rapid Development Model.

Working directly with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), producers, editors, and other stakeholders, our teams created a multimedia learning environment filled with detailed animations, high-quality audio, state-of-the-art interactive exercises, streaming video, and in-course quizzes.

The teams were able to quickly adapt the production framework to varying types of content and differing learning objectives. All of this was dynamically compiled into a flexible engine that is being ported to a variety of learning environments in campuses across the country.

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Sample Clients:

  • Savvi International
  • National Traffic Safety Institute (NTSI)
  • RG Capital
  • EdgePoint Technology
  • Bryan College
  • Educational Textbook Publishers
  • US Army
  • Various Software Companies
  • Various Universities
  • Private Colleges
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