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Hosted Learning Management

Hosted Learning Management the way it should be. Your look and feel, your learner data, your secure Web site. We manage the server, the software, even learner enrollment if needed. And we get you up and running in as little as 24 hours. With 99.9% uptime guarantee, and legacy data migration services, we make it easy to get started. Services include the following:

Standard LMS

  • User, Manager, Creator level logins
  • Create HTML based courses, upload pdfs, ppts, docs, etc.
  • Batch enrollment (e.g., 500 users at a time)
  • Calendar of events
  • Create academic tests, quizzes
  • Gradebook
  • Discussion groups, chat, other collaboration tools
  • e-Commerce

Jackrabbit LMS™
Standard LMS, plus:

  • Co-branded Customer look and feel
  • Visual Progress Tools
    • % complete progress bar on course launch page
    • Time Spent, on course launch page
    • Bookmark location in academic (SCORM conformant) courses
  • End user Reports:
    • My Progress (% Complete)
    • My Learning Time (Time Spent)
  • Admin reports:
    • Progress: Selected Users
    • Practice Time: Selected Users
    • Practice Time: All Users
    • Enrolled Users Report
  • Teacher Tools
    • Set Timeout


  • Bandwidth: burstable to 10 MBPS; 100 GB/mo total

Server Management, IT Services

We manage the server so you don’t have to. Services include;

  • 24x7 server monitoring
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Database performance monitoring
  • Hardware performance monitoring
  • Connectivity monitoring
  • Server management (upgrades, patches, security)
  • Firewall management
  • Daily server backups
  • Server reports on demand, i.e., bandwidth reports (optional)

LMS setup, customization:

  • LMS & subdomain
  • Customer fonts, colors, logo
  • Server stats report (bandwidth)
  • Custom reports
  • Data migration from legacy LMS

Proven Design , Optimized For You

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