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Custom Fit e-Learning

Rapid Development

At Agilant Learning, we create learning solutions that solve problems, drive revenue, and save you time and money. And we have fun in the process! We do both small and large-scale projects, building e-Learning for a variety of audiences, including:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Military personnel
  • Students

Custom Fit means we focus on your business, audience, budget, timeline, and technologies.

Business Fit

Before we create courses, we work with you to align learning solutions to your business goals. Whether you need to create a new e-Learning library, or a single “one-off” course for a specific need, we create courses that are not only engaging, but add measurable value to the business.

Target Audience

We build products for all types of learners! No matter who the target audience is, we customize learning experiences to individual preferences, needs, and abilities. We adapt to multiple learning styles, knowledge levels, and languages.


We use a GoodBetterBest approach to provide full-service project management and large-scale media development at competitive prices. The following table illustrates this concept:

Still Graphics, Text
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check mark
check mark
Flash Animations
check mark
check mark
Interactive Practice
check mark
check mark
"See it, Hear it, Do it" Model
check mark
check mark
Original Script Writing
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check mark
check mark
3-D Animations
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Need it done yesterday? Want to add additional review cycles? No problem! We begin with a proven process based on Instructional Systems Design (ISD), modify it to fit your timeline, and add team resources as needed. We will NOT over-promise! We identify any time-related risks up front and provide options for how to minimize those risks.


Our e-Learning delivery engine is compatible with existing third-party Learning Management Systems (LMS). In this way, Learners log in to your LMS, then seamlessly launch and interact with your course, saving student data back to the LMS.

line chart rising

Meet Business Goals

class with computers

Know the Audience


Honor Timelines

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