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Course Assembly,
XDS Publishing Services

For customers who create their own media assets, we offer course assembly and patent-pending XDS™ Publishing services. XDS™ (Cross-Domain SCORM) enables on-demand learning content, by making it possible for media and other learning objects to physically reside outside the LMS, while providing SCORM delivery inside the LMS.

To convert legacy content to XDS™ format content, customers simply provide original media assets (e.g., Flash, audio, video), and some basic data in a spreadsheet. We analyze the media assets, present a publishing plan, and then publish the content in XDS™ format. Customers receive dynamic, on-demand content in as little as 24-48 hours. In this way, content publishers can control the entire content creation, editing, and publishing process, and provide their own customers with frequently updated, on-demand learning content.

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